Selecting Files and Uploading Files

When you have installed the Fileboard Gmail Plugin, you can compose emails and attach files from within Fileboard directly to these emails. To start attach a file from within Fileboard please follow these steps:

After clicking on the Compose button in Gmail, click on the Insert Files button and select the files you would like to share with your recipient.

 The file will automatically tag in the email as a File Link, and you can send it off to get detailed insights when your email’s recipients open the Link and view your files!

Note: To remove a thumbnail from a file link after it’s been included in the message, simply delete the image from the email. The File Link will remain in the message as the blue link.

To upload a file directly from your computer into Fileboard, press the Upload Files button in your Gmail composer.  

Choose the file(s) on your computer or shared drives you want to include in this message with the dropdown menu. Once selected, the files will be uploaded into your cloud-based Fileboard library so you may also use them at a later time. You will see these files and their thumbnails appear in your email with a progress bar as they upload.

Track Email Opens

When you are composing your email to be sent out from Gmail, you can also choose to track your email opens. To ensure your email opens are tracked in Fileboard follow the steps below:

  1. If it is grey, click the bell button to turn it blue before you click on the Send button in Gmail.

This bell icon is blue by default, meaning you will receive an email alert when the email is opened, and clicking this button to turn it grey will disable the email alerts. Even if email alerts are turned off, the email will still be tracked in Fileboard.

Loading and Saving Templates

Any email templates you’ve created in Fileboard (excluding mass email templates) can be quickly loaded into your email with the Fileboard Gmail plugin. Click on the Templates button to access templates from your personal templates folder, or the shared Team and Company Templates folders.

Any File Links or hyperlinks will still be included in these templates.

If you craft an email you’ll want to use down the road, click the Save Template button to automatically save your Gmail message as a Fileboard template.

 Log Emails in

When you are composing your email to be sent out from Gmail, you can also choose to log this email in under the Account. Opportunity, Contact or Lead records. To ensure your email is correctly logged in your Salesforce account, please follow the steps below:


1) Verify the Log in Salesforce button is blue with a check next to the Salesforce icon, if not, click this button to log the email and attach it to a Salesforce record.

2) After clicking Send, select the record in you would like to log your email to.

3) Your email has been sent and logged in

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