Discover your top sales templates, you may be using them already!

Everyone wants to use the killer email template: that one email with language that captures the most leads, and sales collateral that captures the most prospects. There’s no right language that works every time, you have to specifically cater to your prospect’s market, location, job title, sometimes even their favorite baseball team.

We can’t put pen to paper (or hand to keyboard) for you and write your sales emails out; but Fileboard will fast track them for you. Every opened email and every second your prospects spend reading your sales collateral makes your sales templates and content more successful.

There are two steps to mastering your outreach and finding what drives the most interested leads to you. First is obvious, mastering your sales pitch! Get your prospect’s attention before you can begin to really make the sale. For this step, you’ll want to become an expert on sales templates, pitches, and what subject lines really drive conversion.
Pretty standard stuff, because we all want to write catchy emails, right?

Don’t focus on the collateral you’ll be linking just yet in this step, but at least prep your sales emails with some of the collateral you’ll want to use later. For now, test out several pitches in your email campaigns. Each and every template will have its metrics tracked in Fileboard’s performance tabs, such as open rates, click though rates, and how many times you’ve used said template. Keep an eye on these daily as long as you are running sales campaigns, and soon you’ll notice trends as to how many times each template is opened. You can quickly start focusing in on the top performing templates and keep working at them until you have your master templates!

Time to move on and find what content converts the most leads. Using your master templates, use the same approach with your collateral, working to find what’s working best. From your Templates screen, you can see which content you’re using, and how many times they’ve been clicked on. As you build deals, you’ll find that your CTR (click-through rate) may be higher with different collateral, or that more deals are won from specific template tracks.

Once you’ve mastered both, make sure to stay on top of evolving prospect needs! Sometimes you’ll need to change even your best email templates to keep up, so don’t be afraid of change.

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