When using Google Apps suite, you will need to whitelist the Fileboard app URL in order to allow email tracking and accurate email opens notifications.
When your clients open your emails, Google apps uses a secure proxy server to hold this information. Because of this, you will need to setup a “whitelist” in order to allow for tracking in the Fileboard app. Below are the instructions for setting this up in your Google Apps account:

1. Sign into the Google Admin Console in your Google Apps account.

2. From the dashboard, go to Apps > Google Apps > Gmail > Advanced settings.

3. In the Organizations section, select your domain (top-level org).

4. Scroll to the Image URL proxy whitelist section.

5. Enter image URL proxy. This will be app.fileboard.com/

6. Once finished, click Save Changes.

The Fileboard tracking pixel should now be white listed. This will allow for accurate email tracking through Fileboard while using your email address to reach out to your clients.

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