Do you need to learn how to get better at sales? You’re not alone. Thousands of new Sales Reps try to learn what it takes to sell like the senior partners at the company driving nicer cars.

Ramping up to 100% productivity and increasing your qualified prospect conversion in under a month sounds daunting. After all, there’s just so much to learn when you start at a new company. Realistically, it’s easy to do!

The important thing here is to not get started off on the wrong foot. Leads are going to be handed to you quickly, and the onus is on you to convert them. Bottom line: the faster you want to get promoted and make more, the faster you have to close deals. Lots of new reps go for the “quantity, not quality” approach. They’ll make hundreds of calls a day, but start to have prospects fall through the cracks and end up losing good deals.

So what’s the big secret? Don’t stress about it. Fileboard actually handles all of this for you. Your biggest responsibilities as a Sales Rep are speaking with the prospect and getting them to say yes – but Fileboard will help with this too, finding your prospects interests with your sales collateral. Need more advice on what to say to your prospects? Check out this blog for frequent posts on sales advice.

The Fileboard Dashboard: Where Productivity Starts

When your day begins, open up the Fileboard Dashboard and check your tasks. You may have specific prospects you’ve marked to follow up with, scheduled meetings, or decision makers to get in touch with. These are all priorities if they’re in your tasks section, either because of time obligations or purposeful actions. Once these are taken care of or you’re ready to address them later, then just move on down the pipeline.

Here’s where things get really easy. Have you been mass emailing prospects, calling them, or just sending traditional emails? They’ll all end up here, and your follow ups are color-coded! Each prospect in this step of the pipeline is engaged with your content to some degree. Green prospects are the most engaged, Yellow and Red need a little more work to close a deal. Follow up with these prospects by color in order to maximize your time selling to the most interested prospects, so you don’t waste any time contacting dead or uninterested leads.

You can call, email, start a meeting, or take notes and mark each contact as a decision maker, if needed. What’s more, you have access to every email or other action you’ve taken with each prospect if you click on them, within their timeline.

When you’re finished with each section of the dashboard, you’ll see small congratulatory icons, letting you know that you’re all done for the day in each section. Any tasks for tomorrow will automatically appear at the start of the day, and as prospects get engaged with your collateral again, they’ll reappear in section 2.

Finally, it’s time to get back to your lists. You can switch between prospecting lists on the fly, or add more from excel, Salesforce, or other platforms you may keep your leads on. These lists are sorted by company, so if you’ve reached out already, you can see exactly how many touches have been made to each company, and follow up with each linked employee at said company in any manner available in Fileboard, right from the company page. Mark decision makers on the fly as you prospect, make calls, and send out emails.

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The more you work in Fileboard, the easier your sales will become. Boosting your qualified prospect conversion can be simple with the right sales tool.

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