It’s the end of the year, and we hope Fileboard has helped lock in some of those final deals you were looking to close this year. If you’ve got the free time, how about wrapping up some of those that didn’t make the cut?

It happens to the best of sales teams, sometimes engaged prospects just… don’t move any further, and you’re left wondering if it’s something you did, or their needs changed, or they just had to table the discussion for a quarter or two. Regardless, it’s always important to send one last message, just to confirm their interest. Coincidences and excuses for a lack of communication happen all the time, and that’s just money laying on the table for you and your company.

Here’s a few messages to send for that final follow-up of 2016:

1. Happy Holidays! Let’s pick up where we left off, and plan an evaluation call for January.

January is great, because let’s be realistic: If your target market is in the Americas or Europe, chances are the last week in December will be mighty difficult to plan anything, or contact anyone. We typically stress setting a hard follow up date to reengage with a “lost” prospect, but January can be all over the place for lots of people.

Tip: Send them a File Link! If their interests have changed, a smarter targeted message or future conversation could be just what this prospect needs to reengage and get back into your sales pipeline.

2. This Article on [Recent news in Prospect’s Industry] reminded me just how much [Your Product] can help [Prospect’s Company]. Do you have time for a quick chat?

Nothing calls more attention than news, and even if your prospect has already read these updates in their industry, this opening provides a chance to discuss that news. If the news is about a competitor to your prospect, even better! Use that angle to push how your product will help the prospect overcome the competition.

3. End of year Flash Sale! Let’s talk pricing for [Your Product]!

This one’s an oldie but still works. Retail stores always tout their end of year clearance, so it’s a great time to push them to finish strong and seal up the budget by signing that last deal before 2017.

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