Attaching Fileboard content into your Outlook emails is simple! First, Install the Fileboard Outlook plugin by going to Please make sure Microsoft Outlook is closed before you install the plugin. Click the blue Download Fileboard for Outlook button, and run the installer program.  After you click Finish in the installer program, open Microsoft Outlook. 

Click New E-mail to send a new email in Outlook. You should notice a new blue Fileboard button on the far right that says Enable Tracking.

You should now see the Fileboard plugin options below, and your sent emails are now logged in Fileboard. You will also see options for to get notified when your email is opened, scheduling meetings from Outlook, logging emails in Salesforce, inserting files into your email, uploading files to Fileboard and into your email, selecting a template to use, and saving your current email as a Fileboard template. Click on any of these links to learn how to use these functions.

To disable the plugin so your emails are not tracked in Fileboard, simply click on the grey Disable Tracking button with the Fileboard logo.

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