The steps outlined in this document show you how your viewers can view your file links in Fileboard.

  1. Opening the File Link

To enter the file link in the viewer, your viewers clicks on the file link url they have received.

The top bar of the file link shows your viewer the following:

1. the number of pages the file link consists of

2. a slide selector button

3. a view all available files button (only available when the sender of the file has included more than one file in the file link)

4. zoom in, zoom out and reset zoom buttons

5. a download file button (only visible when the sender of the file link allows the viewer to download the file link)

2. Select slides
To jump to a slide your viewer clicks on the slide selector button which is between the number of pages and the view all available files buttons. Now the viewer can click on the slide he or she want to jump to or click on the back button to stay on the same slide.

3. View all available files
Your viewer clicks on the All available files button which is on the right of the Slide selector button and then clicks on the file of choice to view

4. Zoom slides
To zoom in or out on slides or pages, your viewer can click on the (+) and (-) buttons on the top right corner. To reset the zoom the viewer can click on the reset zoom button which is between the (-) and download button.

Download files
To download the files in the file link, the viewer can click on the download file button on the top right corner of the file link. Once this is done the file link will be downloaded to a local system of your viewer.

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