1. Create the File Link

Click on the blue File Link button on the Dashboard

2. Enter File Link details
Enter the name of the company you are sharing the file link with or the title of the file link

Select the file you want to share

Check the relevant options on the right side (hoover with your mouse over the options to learn more)

Click on the blue Continue button

3. Share the File Link
Click on the blue Copy Link button and share the File Link with your prospect(s)

Or click on Email to directly send out the File Link via email to your prospect(s)

When you click on the Email button, you can fill out the (1) company name, (2) deal name, (3) stage, (4) the email address(es) of the relevant prospect(s) and (5) edit the subject and the body text of the email

When done, click on the blue Send button

4. View the File Link analytics
When the file link has been opened your prospects engagement analytics will be available. To view the per slide analytics, scroll down and click on Details under the Slide Summary

You can now view in depth analytics related to the File Link

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