1. Create the File Link
  2. Enter details
  3. Customize the file link

Follow the steps outlined in this document to track file links in Salesforce campaigns

Create a File Link by following the steps outlined in the “Create File Links in Fileboard article”.

When you have to enter the details, instead of entering a name of the person you want to share the File Link with and a specific company name, simply enter the name of the Salesforce campaign you want to send out in both fields.

When you have checked the relevant options, copy the file link url and customize it as follows in your campaign system:

<file link url>?utm_fb_object=lead&utm_fb_id=<salesforce id>

The Salesforce id in this scenario will be the id of the leads or the contacts in Salesforce you want to send the campaign to. Your campaign system should create these dynamic links automatically when you want to send out campaigns directly from Salesforce.

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