Customizing your Fileboard account with your Domain.

You can set your file links and live meeting links to reflect your own custom domain.

  1. Setup a subdomain, also called a CNAME, with the hosting service for your domain.

       Setting up a subdomain/CNAME requires you to access the DNS services with              your hosting provider. You may need to contact your System Administrator to                complete this process. They will need:

       Name                                             Type                                          Value                    CNAME                           
       You can also contact your hosting provider and ask them for the most current                information on how to setup a subdomain through them. In most cases, they will            guide you through the process specific to their instructions.

       Once the subdomain is setup, you can return to your Fileboard account and enter        the information.

  2. Select Admin in the bottom right hand corner of your Fileboard account.

   3. Select Customize under Admin. Here you can enter your custom URL.

  4. Select Update Branding. Your new custom domain is now saved into Fileboard           and will work as soon as the hosting provider you use has updated your account       settings.

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