As an admin in Fileboard you can manage your Users, Teams and Profiles from under the Seats tab.

1. Manage Teams

To manage teams click on Admin and then click on Seats.

Click on the Teams tab. To add a new team click on the + New Team button. To edit an existing team click on the edit button under Actions.

2. Add Teams
When you click on the + New Team button (step 1, image 2) you can add a new team to Fileboard. You can do so by filling out the name of the team and selecting the desired billing group. You need to choose if you want to link the branding settings to an existing team or if you want to use unique branding settings. To make the newly created team the default team single sign on users are added to, check the Make default box. When done click on the blue Create button.

3. Edit Teams
To edit teams in Fileboard click on the edit button under Actions.

Update the name of the team, the billing group and whether or not you want to make the selected team the default team. Click on the blue Update button.

4. Delete Teams
To delete teams in Fileboard click on the delete button under Actions and confirm you want to delete the specific team.

Click on Yes to proceed with the deletion.

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