Follow the steps outlined in this document to start a live meeting in Fileboard.

  1. Start the Live Meeting

From the Dashboard, click on the blue Meet button

On Mac computers, you will immediately enter the Live Meeting. For Windows users, you will see the popup below. You can (optionally) enter information here on the company you are presenting to as well as a few more details and specify if you want to gather each attendee's name and email before they enter the meeting, or if you want to set a passcode for the meeting for privacy. When you are finished, click the blue Start Meeting button.

2. Configure the Live Meeting (optional)

To configure the Live Meeting click on the settings wheel

You can link the meeting to a company name, check the Roll Call option and set a password/passcode if relevant

3. Select the deck

Select the deck you want to present

Share your Live Meeting URL with your prospect or invite your prospect by email

4. Attendees online
Once your viewer(s) enter(s) the Live Meeting you can start the meeting. The attendees tab on the left side shows which viewers have entered your live meeting

When attendees are online an indicator appears on the left side of their name. The green indicator means the attendee is online and looking at your presentation, the yellow indicator means the attendee is online but not paying attention. When the indicator is grey, it means the attendee is offline.

You can also make notes while you are presenting and use the pointer to highlight specific points in your presentation.

5. Select slides

To jump to a specific slide click on the Change Slide button

When you see an overview of the available slides to display, click on the slide you want to jump to

6. Show webpages
To show a webpage during your Live Meeting, click on the show webpage button

Enter the url of the webpage, Youtube video or Vimeo video in the address bar

Click on the blue Continue button

7. Start screen share

To share your screen click on the Screenshare button

If you don’t have the Fileboard screen sharing app installed yet, click on your platform of choice, download and install the app

If you already have the Fileboard screen share app installed, click on the blue Continue button

Click on the window of choice you want to share

When your screen is being shared you should see the message Your screen is being shared

To end the screen share and to continue with presenting your deck, simply click on the right arrow

8. End Live Meeting
To end your Live Meeting simply click on the red End Live Meeting button

When you end the live meeting you can edit company details, make additional notes and edit attendee details as well. To view the meeting analytics you can click on the Analytics button.

View analytics
You can now view the engagement stats for your Live Meeting. The green line at the very bottom shows when the viewer was paying attention during your presentation and the gray line shows when the viewer was looking at other tabs and not paying attention during the meeting

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