Fileboard allows you to send emails through our app to your clients. To insure that the emails are sent, we offer visual items to help you identify where the emails may be if not sent.

  1. Click More > Performance. Select Emails to see a list of all emails you have sent.

   2. Is the Email you sent in this list? If the email is in the list you see under your Email, then it should have been sent. Be sure to find the exact email in question. If the email is not listed here, you may need to try resending it to your client.

   3. Check your Sent Mail folder in your Gmail or Outlook account for the Email you have sent.
Any email sent from Fileboard should show up in your Sent Mail folder within Gmail or Outlook. If it is not there, or has a return mail notification, you may need to contact Gmail or Outlook Support for more information.

If you continue to have issues with your email or are unable to fix the issue after going over this checklist, you can contact our Customer Success team HERE

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