Need a few tips to bump up your open rate? Make sure you've covered the basics - and be aware of some problems that can arise. 

Fileboard allows you to send emails to your clients through our app. However, sometimes these emails are not opened, or may only appear to have not been opened. There are a few reasons this might happen.

Each person responds differently to emails they receive. Be sure to make the subject of your email relevant to your clients. Choose a subject that you feel will resonate with your clients interests.

My email recipient read my email and got back to me - but in Fileboard I still see they haven't opened the email at all!
Fileboard uses an invisible tracking pixel to track your emails being opened. If your client has their email set to not show images, they will need to click “Show images” in order for our pixel to work. Several email providers have this setting default to filter out images, for example, older versions of Outlook. Your main priority should be having your clients click your File Link so that you can truly track their engagement and have them view your presentations.

My email and File Link were opened - but there's no engagement?
Some email clients will automatically open the email - to run an antivirus on any linked content inside. All this is done without the recipient's involvement - if your email and File Link show an "open", but there is 0 time spent looking at your File Link - this is the likely explanation.

Why do my emails keep going to spam?
There are many factors that can contribute to an email going to a spam, junk or bulk folder. A clients settings can determine where the messages go and if they have your company listed as spam, there isn’t much you can do. Here are a few tips for your emails that can help in improving the relevance of your message.

  • Avoid using excessive punctuation or CAPS in your email message.
  • Don’t use large images in your message. Your message should contain mostly text
  • Encourage your clients to add your email to their address book. This will assure it arrives in their inbox
  • Try testing your message with other email addresses. Sign up for some free test accounts and send it to yourself.

If you continue to have trouble with your emails or you have questions regarding them, please email us HERE at Fileboard. Our Customer Success team is always happy to answer your questions!

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