The Outlook plugin allows you to use and create Fileboard email templates in your Outlook inbox. You also have the option to enable engagement tracking for any emails you send.   

Setting up the Plugin

Click here to download the plugin and get started. 

   1. When the download is complete, extract the folder and open it. 

   2. You can install plugin from either setup, so let's just click on the first one. Follow the installation steps shown.

   3. Once the plugin is installed, open the outlook plugin and log in to the email account that is connected with fileboard. 

   3. Once your email is setup with the plugin, you can sign in to your fileboard account. Click 'Sign in to Fileboard' in the far right on the toolbar.

   4. Fill in your login details and sign in. Your Outlook inbox is now connected to your Fileboard account. 

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