Fileboard users are now able to schedule meetings using their calendars! Meeting templates allow you to set your availability for different types of meetings. Once you're setup, you'll be able to embed your meeting schedule into email templates for quick and easy scheduling. You can get started from the "Meeting Templates" page under the Templates tab. 

Step 1.

The first step is creating a new meeting template by clicking the "+" button. Meeting templates serve as calendar time slots that you can send to prospects in order to schedule a meeting.

Step 2. 

To create a meeting slot, click and drag an available time slot in the calendar. If the date and time has passed, you wont be able to create the time slot. You can select as many slots as you want, just keep in mind they'll all be sent together as options when you invite a prospect to a meeting with 

Step 3. 

Once you've selected your time slots, you can add details like Title, Description, Timezone, Notifications, and Recurring Time Slots.

Recurring time slots are great for automated email templates. You can set a meeting time to repeat for a number of weeks, so that prospects can still select meeting times for months after you initiate a workflow.  
You can set a time slot as recurring by clicking on it and editing the recurring settings from the panel on the right. 

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