If you are a new user and want to experience the services before purchasing an account on Fileboard. You can set up your free trial by following some easy steps:

  1. After creating the account, you need to connect it with your email so that you can send the manual emails with your name, easily. For automated emails you don't need to do anything as Fileboard will send those on your behalf with your email address. For improved deliverability we do recommend purchasing a dedicated IP address as add on.

2. Now you need to enter your phone number in the space given and click "Validate Phone Number." This is the phone number that will be displayed when you make outbound calls from Fileboard. If you uncheck VOIP calling option then Fileboard will automatically make bridge calls i.e. call you and your prospect. (Note: There is a higher cost to this.)

3. You will receive a call on the given phone number, and the code (e.g. 176066) that appears on your screen in bold letters will be requested. You have to enter that six digit code on your phone to complete the verification process successfully!

4. Fileboard creates some sample tasks, which you can perform after you are done with verification process. This is how your tasks will appear once you create a workflow and connect it to a bucket with contacts.

Once you're finished setting up your account, you can create your user profile to enable features like email signatures, timezone, meeting links, etc. 

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