Please note that Fileboard accepts Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats to upload and convert. If you created your presentation in Apple Keynote format, you need to convert it into PDF or PowerPoint format. 

If you converted the Keynote presentation in PDF, your upload and conversion should be successful. 

If you require your upload in PowerPoint format, It is observed that when Keynote presentations are converted into PowerPoint, the resulting file gets corrupted. If you try to upload the corrupt file in Fileboard system, you will get an error and would not be able to upload the file.

To fix this error, the best way is to first open your converted PowerPoint file in Microsoft PowerPoint 365. Once the software recognizes that it is a corrupt file, you will see the following dialog

Please click the "Repair" button in the above dialog. Application will fix it and once it is completed, you will see the below dialog

Please verify that your presentation is good. Save the file as PowerPoint presentation and upload into Fileboard system. 

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